Data & Publications


Within AnaEE, we strive to make our data publically available using international data curation and sharing standards when possible. The following databases are already accessible at this time, with more on the way:

Data from: Risk of short-term biodiversity loss under more persistent precipitation regimes

Data from: Does previous exposure to extreme precipitation regimes result in acclimated grassland communities?

Macro-scale Ecotron: Data on climate, ecosystem functioning, soil processes and biogeochemical cycles collected in experiments at a frequency of 1-30 min, is automatically stored in databases. A general description of the ecotron databases is available here. A list of all parameters measured and controlled in the Ecotron is available here. Data on currently running experiments is available on a collaborative basis. Contact Prof. Francois Rineau (



White paper: Our Natural Capital; tekst: “During the international Francqui chair of Prof. David Ellsworth, scientists of 7 Belgian universities developed a vision for a research agenda on Natural Capital for the coming decade. This vision was synthesized in a white paper. 


A1 Journal papers (since 2019)

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